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Josh Adams

Superior Cleaning Solutions

When we brought LEAD in, we were in such a growth mode, the company was in disarray, so consumed by it that everything else just went by the wayside. LEAD came back with a plan to restructure things so now I am just in the owner's role. It has changed my life, my marriage, my future.

Brian Harris

Harris Vacation Rentals

Just having somebody look at your business from the outside can help you see more clearly where you are. LEAD showed us that this transition can be successful and gave us a blueprint to make it successful. LEAD heard what I wanted in a COO and said 'This is the person that most closely fits', helping me find that right person for the job. That's allowed me to pull back and really focus on the strategy side, on the big picture side of that business that I built.

Ryan Roberts

Real Estate

At some point in your career you are like 'I'm killing it!', and there's a lot of things going well, in the right direction. But those other areas of your life are so neglected. LEAD helped me set a vision, not just professionally, but this is what I'm going to look like physically, as a father, as a husband, and that there is hope for people to be able to succeed.

David Harbin

Harbinger Marketing

When I bring a unique challenge or situation to my advisor I think, 'No one has ever heard this'. But my advisor at LEAD talks to business owners all day, every day. They have a lot of wisdom around different strategies, different things that a company owner can do. Our whole leadership team is really excited about the work that LEAD is doing in our organization.

Justin Lambert

Serial Entrepreneur

When you're acquiring a company you can see their financials and balance sheet but what you don't know is the culture. A lot of time people are defensive and scared for their jobs but we actually had a great response from their staff. Lead was able to help us do that.

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